Office Services

Relocation of offices

We will relocate any company from one location to another with ease, no matter the size.

Collection, delivery and installation of new office furniture

Our teams are qualified to move, handle and install any new office furniture from local, national and international branded companies.

Dismantling, moving and reassembling of office furniture

We pride ourselves in our experience and know-how in dismantling and reassembling of office furniture.

Computers and Server relocation in specialized packaging


We specialize in computer and server moving. Here we pay particular attention to the packaging, moving and installation of these assets. All the equipment is bubble wrapped and then stored in purpose built plastic containers and crates for their journey. Your servers are placed in specialized design wooden crates with specialized shock absorbing materials.

Furniture warehousing

BAMBISANA is able to maintain and control onsite and offsite furniture stores and warehousing for our clients. With your furniture in our warehouses, our clients are ensured of access to the facility when needed and that the goods are well stored and never damaged.

Cross-border project management

Our services are available nationally and across border. For more than 10 years BAMBISANA has been working with cross-border corporate companies and hospitals.

Bulk filing, moving and installations

With technology changing, so has the way companies store their documentation. We specialize in dismantling and reassembling of any bulk filing cabinet in any office, anywhere. We have a dedicated team that only focuses on these installations.

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