BAMBISANA also provides Additional Services…

Furniture maintenance

We are able to maintain, repair and clean your office furniture.

Lock replacement

As part of our Maintenance plan, we also specialize in the replacement of cylinder locks to cabinets and cupboards.

Furniture disposal

BAMBISANA will assist your company in the removal and disposal of furniture that is no longer of use to your business. Whether you want it destroyed or redistributed to the less fortunate, we will make sure this is done in an environmentally friendly way.

Office furniture rentals

We also offer chairs and desks to rent.


Bambisana offers a one stop service.  As soon as we are done with your relocation, we can start with the White Box Construction.   This particular form of construction is for commercial, owners or tenants who need to quickly incorporate a new tenant to the property.  It is typically an interior space that is minimally finished.  The idea being that the next tenant will be presented with a shell space that they can quickly convert into virtually anything.


We offer pre and post construction cleaning, windows, carpets, lifts, stairs, furniture and office seating.


You can buy all your boxes and wrapping material from us.  Products that we sell is stock boxes, tape, labels, bubble wrap, corrugated cartons for office relocations and house hold relocations.



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